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Pokemon Base Set Black Triangle Booster Pack - Charizard Artwork

Pokemon Base Set "Black Triangle" Booster Pack - Charizard Artwork

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  • Description

    This is a VERY RARE Pokemon Trading Card Game Base Set "Black Triangle" booster pack. When Wizards of the Coast started printing base set unlimited booster packs, they accidentally printed the 1st edition logo on the unlimited wrappers, so they had to cover up the 1st edition symbol. They did this by using a solid black triangle shape. Often times, the black triangle did not completely cover the 1st edition stamp, so you are sometimes able to see part of the 1st edition stamp. Please note that in almost all cases, base set black triangle booster packs contain UNLIMITED base set cards, but have been rumored to sometimes contain 1st edition base set cards. Most collectors buy these packs to keep sealed in their collections.

    Picture is for reference only.