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Pokemon 2008 World Championships Deck - Tristan Robinson (Intimidation)

Pokemon 2008 World Championships Deck - Tristan Robinson (Intimidation)

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  • Description

    Intimidation is the name of the deck used by Tristan Robinson, the Junior Division Champion in the 2008 World Championships. The deck was built with one objective: countering powerful cards. For example, Scizor has an attack that does 80 damage to an opponent that has any Special Energy cards attached to it. Sableye can disable any opponent attack for one turn. Cessation Crystal disables all Pok-Powers and Pok-Bodies. Crystal Beach makes Special, double-Energy cards count as a single Energy. When building his deck, Robinson took note of the heavily-played cards at the time, and chose his own Pokmon and Trainer cards that directly conflicted with these effects. Intimidation is one of the four 2008 World Championships Decks, released on November 5, 2008. Each deck comes packaged with a 2008 World Championships Booklet. Each card features a silver border, Robinson's signature, and limited edition 2008 World Championships back. None of the cards are tournament legal.

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