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CHEAP Pokemon Cards 500ct BULK lot of PLAYED CONDITION Commons & Uncommons USED

NM-Mint, 100 In stock
$39.99 $12.99
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  • Description

    PERFECT for birthdays, new players, vendors, and anyone else who wants to add more Pokemon cards to their existing collection! Take advantage of our overstock and receive a mix of 500 USED played condition bulk Pokemon common and uncommon cards! Cards are in English and can be unlimited or 1st edition. You can receive cards of any combination from any set of Pokemon including small amounts of basic energies. Duplicates usually occur in this lot.

    Cards range from lightly played to heavily played condition. Rares, EX, Lv. X, Shining and other holo cards are NOT included. Requests for specific cards/sets are not accepted. Picture is just for reference and each lot differs. 100% AUTHENTIC!