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Jasco UFS Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers Booster Pack

Jasco UFS "Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers" Booster Pack

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  • Description

    Round One! Fight!


    Attention fighters! Join your favorite Street Fighter and Darkstalkers characters as they attempt to thwart the evil Jedah’s attempt to absorb the universe into the realm of the Makai! This set brings the exciting action of the Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers comic-book series to the Universal Fighting System CCG. Players are not limited to fighting for dominance of the realms, as this set is compatible with all UFS sets and licenses. This allows players to experience dream match-ups and crossovers that are only possible with the Universal Fighting System.


    This pack contains 10 cards . Players can use booster packs to train any fighter in the Universal Fighting System and take another step towards becoming the ultimate universal fighter. Players need at least 1 UFS starter deck or turbo deck to use the cards within.