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2011 Dungeon Deck Box of 9 Decks

2011 Dungeon Deck Box of 9 Decks

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    The World of Warcraft Dungeon Decks are designed for a team of three friends. The Dungeon Decks are designed to go up against three Class Starter decks, making it a perfect product for new players. At the same time, the Dungeons are designed to be a customizable play experience with a high variance of difficulty levels, giving them a ton of replayability and also making it a great product for expert players. Because this is an entirely cooperative product, three players versus the dungeon deck, it is also perfect for a play group that contains some beginners and some advanced players.

    Each display box of WOW Dungeon Decks contains 9 decks, each containing two Dungeon Hero cards, a 60 Card Dungeon Deck, one treasure pack and everything you need to level up your Raiding heroes (Leveling Guide & Character Sheets).

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