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Yu-Gi-Oh Premium Gold 3: Infinite Gold Booster Display Box

Yu-Gi-Oh Premium Gold 3: Infinite Gold Booster Display Box

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  • Description

    Premium Gold: Infinite Gold is the latest solid gold collector's set for the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game.  With something for everyone, Premium Gold: Infinite Gold contains dozens of upgraded cards to bling out your collection plus 21 new cards for your Main Deck and Extra Deck, all gleaming in gold foil technology!  Each 5-card mini-pack contains 2 Gold Secrets - each card a brand-new, never-before-seen card including several powerful monsters for your Extra Deck.  Each mini-pack also has 3 Gold Rare versions of popular cards, so you can gussy up your golden gleam,  As a special bonus, scores of Gold Rare cards in the set includes former Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series Prize Cards Number 106: Giant Hand and Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry, now available for everyone to use. Gold Rares are some of the shiniest and rarest cards around.