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Yu-Gi-Oh Maximum Crisis Special Edition Pack

Yu-Gi-Oh Maximum Crisis Special Edition Pack

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  • Description

    Each maximum Crisis Special Edition contains 3 maximum Crisis Booster Packs, 1 of 2 Foil Preview cards of Non-Foil cards from the Summer 2017 Booster Set, and 1 of 2 Variant Foil Cards.  Pendulum Summoning will undergo its final evolution in Maximum Crisis with a pair of Pendulum Monsters with Scales of 0 and 13, opening up the ability to Pendulum Summon monsters of any level in any deck.  But that's not the only type of Summoning that's evolving. Following up on February's Fusion Enforcers set, Maximum Crisis introduces a new Fusion Summoning Spell Card that lets you keep your Fusion Monster while giving back the monsters you fused together.