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What condition are your cards in?

All our cards and items are in near mint-mint condition unless otherwise noted. Rest assured that we are known for the quality of our cards & collectibles.

How do I know if a certain card or item is currently in stock?

Please e-mail us at if you have any questions about the availability of certain items.

How do I know if you have the quantity I am looking for?

Please e-mail us if you are looking for quantities of the same card or item. Although we have a large supply of most items, we do sell a lot everyday and sometimes are low or even out of certain items (especially if they are in high demand).

How do I know if a price on your site is current?

Just e-mail us at Due to the extremely volatile conditions in the collectible market, prices for many items change daily. We carry over 100,000 different items on our website and it is impossible to keep all cards priced at market value at all times. Although we do our best to keep the site updated, we do occasionally miss items. We always recommend calling or emailing to confirm current prices.

In the trading card market, banned & restricted lists change constantly, cards spike up in price quickly and sometimes these changes happen overnight. Because we are not always able to update the prices of our cards immediately, we do NOT honor old prices of cards that have skyrocketed in price due to rules changes, banned/restricted list changes, etc. If a card seems very underpriced, it most likely is not current.

Please Note: Collector's Cache is a retail store and NOT a wholesaler. If for any reason we feel that any customer buys large quantities of items for resale or consistently only purchases underpriced items, we will cancel these type of orders and refuse to do business with these types of customers. As always, we reserve the right to refuse any sale and any customer for any reason we deem appropriate. We also reserve the right to limit quantities.

Why are some of your prices a lot higher or a lot lower than the prices in my price guide?

A price guide is only a guide. It does not always reflect the true market value for each item listed in the guide. In fact, most price guides are 4-6 weeks behind in their pricing since their pricing teams have to submit prices 4-6 weeks before the guide hits the marketplace.

In some cases, you might see some of our prices to be higher or lower than what you see in the price guide. Please realize that our prices are reflections of the current market and are changing all the time. You willfind that our prices are truly competitive throughout the internet world.

I found another website that has the same item cheaper. Will you guys match that price?

Although we do our best to stay competitive in our business, occasionally someone else might beat our price due to their cost of that item. If their respective buyers are able to purchase an item cheaper than us, they might sell it for less. We'll do our best to match or beat any of our established competitors, but we cannot guarantee that we'll match their prices every time. Please be advised that many websites do not keep their prices up to date and many do not stock a large inventory. Therefore if you visit a site and an item seems to be very cheap, it usually is either sold out or the price has been raised substantially. It's like the old saying goes: If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Why am I unable to add some items to my shopping cart?

If there is not an option to add an item on our site to your shopping cart then we are either sold out of that item or giving it away as a promotion (i.e. Pokemon League).

What is a Pre-Order?

If the item you are ordering is marked 'Pre-Order' then please read the following:

A Pre-Order item is simply an item that we are selling that is due to come out soon. This means that it is not yet available and that we do NOT currently have it in stock. By purchasing a Pre-Order item you are basically pre-buying this product to ensure that you have it as early as possible. We generally ship all Pre-Orders within 24-48 hours of our receipt of the product. However, if you paid with a check, your order will ship out once the funds have cleared our bank and of course only after the product is live.

It is our company policy that we do not cancel preorders as we place our preorder quantities with our distributors based off the number of preorders we get for each item. We realize that emergencies happen and some customers have a need to cancel a preorder. In this rare instance, we can usually make a one-time exception however there is a 10% preorder cancellation fee that we charge of the order total. As an example, if your preorder total with shipping was $200 then we would only credit back $180.

What if I ordered both an item that is in stock and a Pre-Order item on the same order?

If you order an item that is in stock as well as a Pre-Order item then we will generally hold the order until the Pre-Order item(s) are available and then ship the order all together. Therefore, Pre-Order items that are ordered with in stock items can delay the shipment of your order severely. Please note that if you choose to have the in stock items shipped before the Pre-Order items become available, you will be charged twice for shipping (once for shipping the items in stock immediately and once for shipping the Pre-Order item at a later date). You may however save on shipping by instructing us to hold your entire order until everything becomes available. You may do this by writing these instructions in the 'comments' section during the order process. Please be aware though that we Pre-Order items weeks or sometimes even months in advance. We recommend placing separate orders for in stock items and Pre-Order items.

Why do prices in the retail store sometimes differ from those on the website?

While we do our best to keep our website prices up to date every day, sometimes prices change so rapidly that our website doesn't reflect the current price of an item. We sell thousands of different items here at Collector's Cache, and with the volatility of the collectible market, our site is only 99% up to date at any given time. We always recommend calling to confirm prices before placing an order, as our retail store prices are always current. Sometimes we discount booster boxes and other items as internet specials only. We do this in consideration of the shipping costs that our internet customers incur and several other factors. Thus, these prices are reserved for our internet customers only and are not available in our retail store.

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Are you guys buying cards?

Yes, we are currently buying cards in our retail store as well as on our buy list. Since our prices and inventory change constantly, our buy list might not be current and there might be items listed that we no longer need. In order to sell to us you can either bring your items in to our retail store or if you would like to ship to us, you must first email us. After you receive a confirmation email from us, we must receive your cards in strictly NM/MINT condition within 7 days of the confirmation email. For further instructions on how to sell your cards to Collector's Cache, simply email us at:

Please Note: Our Buy List and buy prices are always subject to change at anytime at our discretion.


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